"Sharing the enchantment of the clouds is one of my goals"

Bio Wendy Lammerschaag

Wendy Lammerschaag’s paintings represent a universe of love and freedom. Wendy’s paintings are a translation of what she feels and experiences. She completely follows her heart during the painting process and lets intuition guide her. What you see is an ongoing, experimental creation process of colors, shapes and textures. Wendy finds beauty and inspiration in all types of skies, reflections of light and landscapes. In her paintings, she fuses these elements together in a sublime way. Sometimes her paintings are sweet and soft, at other times they are sharp, vibrant and intense. The are a constant reflection of emotion. The beautiful sense of balance and visual play of negative and positive form can be found in all her paintings.

As a graphic designer, Wendy has always been surrounded by color, shape and the message behind it. After being diagnosed with MS in 2019, she decided that it was time to share her love of clouds with the world. What started with the idea of a painting for her own interior, soon became an entire collection of cloudy skies. In 2020, Wendy launched her first collection with great success. Her “You Can Do This” Collection was sold out within 3 weeks. Since then, she hasn’t stopped painting and sharing her mesmerizing clouds with the world. Wendy’s paintings are currently represented by multiple galleries in the Netherlands as well as in Sweden.