"When you feel the magic of my clouds, my goal is accomplished!"

About Wendy

 I am Wendy Lammerschaag, since 2019 I have been painting the clouds and sky in an impressionistic way. When I was diagnosed with MS, I realized I wanted to pursue a long-held dream; to make the world a little more beautiful with my art. I am a person of details, a sucker for shiny things and a sucker for atmosphere! These are all elements that you will find in my paintings. And besides that, I love to observe the clouds and nature. 

My endless inspiration are clouds in all its colors and shapes. Watching clouds have a healing power on me. When I paint the sky, I imagine myself in an environment that feels endless. Anything is possible here, that’s why I call my paintings Save Spaces. When I paint, I’m not busy with what has to be done or might happen, but only with what is possible. I transform these thoughts and feelings into brushstrokes on my paintings.

As seen in:

Koffietijd • Mastersexpo.com • Happy Handmade Living • VT Wonen • Libelle • Noord Hollands Dagblad

• Represented by The Ode To.com gallery in Stockholm
• 2024 multiple collaborations with OODE Gallery in Amsterdam


• September 2023 collaboration with OODE Gallery in Amsterdam
• February 2023 represented by The Ode To.com gallery in Stockholm 


• October 2022 launch collection; “Golden Clouds”
• June 2022 launch collection; “Golden Glow”
• May 2022 Exclusive collection in collaboration with www.prchtg.nl 
• April 2022 launch collection; “Sparkles”

• Oktober 2021 collection; “Keep Dreaming”
• August 2021 Exposition at Art 3F fair in Monaco, represented by Van Gogh Gallery Madrid
• April 2021 launch collection; “Be magical”

• Oktober 2020 launch first collection; “You Can Do This”